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Ufton Court Educational Trust


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(January 2021 - Secondary)

Well organised programme and well resourced. Delivery was excellent and well matched to the children's age. The activities were active and engaging. We had a great day with lots of new stimulating learning. (October 2020 - Primary)

Very knowledgeable staff (Charlotte) and really fun and engaging activities. Children had the opportunity to learn things in a way that they would not have been able to at school. (October 2020 - Primary)

(February 2020 - Primary)

A really positive educational experience for all of our children. While simultaneously developing their independence and personal organisation skills, the children were immersed in a historical setting and learnt through experience about Viking life. They especially loved 'living' the battles between the Viking and Anglo-Saxons. Although the building itself is Tudor, having the chance to stay there provided the children with the chance to experience history in a way they never had before. (February 2020 - Primary)

Excellent and engaging workshop activities linked to current topic Saxons and Vikings. Friendly staff. Accommodation and food good. (January 2020 - Primary)

It was a fantastic experience for all adults and children involved. A great success, very well organised and full of activities to enrich the curriculum and develop the children's learning, linking very well to their prior learning about the Vikings and Saxons. (January 2020 - Primary)

(January 2020 - Secondary)

(December 2019 - Primary & Secondary)

(December 2019 - Primary)

(November 2019 - Primary)

Welcoming, child-centred, hands-on, interactive, informative. (November 2019 - Primary)

(September 2019 - Primary)

Staff were fantastic with our SEN children, activities were exciting and engaging. (September 2019 - Primary)

Absolutely without a doubt the best school trip we've been on. The Ufton Court staff were fabulous and particularly brilliant with more challenging children. Amazing day. (June 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Primary)

We had a brilliant stay which was organised perfectly and every child gained experiences and confidence. The accommodation was great for our stay. (May 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Primary)

(March 2019 - Primary)

(February 2019 - Primary)

Great venue. Good activities. (December 2018 - Primary)

Fantastic educational visit venue. The staff are incredible, very knowledgeable, friendly and cannot do enough to make the trip successful and fun for everyone involved. (November 2018 - Primary)

(November 2018 - Primary)

(November 2018 - Primary)

The activity day was extremely well organised. (August 2018 - Primary)

Fantastic staff and site (August 2018 - Primary)

Excellent staff and site (August 2018 - Primary)

(June 2018 - Primary)

I have been on many trips to Ufton Court now and I cannot recommend it enough. Their staff are highly trained and excellent communicators. They work well with all children and continuously focus on helping children improve themselves as well as enjoying the activities. (March 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Primary)

An exceptional trip. The children were completely engaged and the staff were extremely well prepared. Facilities and accommodation were fantastic too! We can't wait to go again! (January 2018 - Primary)

(January 2018 - Primary)

(January 2018 - Primary)


No further information has been added by this provider.