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Delamere Conway Centre


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Very Good




(April 2020 - Primary)

The staff at the Centre were welcoming and very helpful. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and were able to consolidate their learning in Science and Geography. (February 2020 - Primary)

Very good. The activities were good and the children enjoyed the visit. (November 2019 - Primary)

The centre was in a fantastic location and the guides we had during our visit were great with the children and they were very knowledgeable, telling us the names of various plant life etc. (November 2019 - Primary)

(September 2019 - Primary)

Fox Howl (September 2019 - Primary)

(July 2019 - Primary)

(July 2019 - Primary)

Excellent - the children had a brilliant time with super activities. (June 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Primary)

A great trip was had by all at Fox Howl. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially the den building which was lead by the Conway Centre staff. The centre was welcoming as always and allowed the children to feel at home. We are already looking forward to returning next year. (March 2019 - Primary)

(March 2019 - Primary)

(August 2018 - Primary)

Great instructors which are always both encouraging and enthusiastic. The centre itself would benefit from some updating (June 2018 - Primary)

(June 2018 - Primary)

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their stay along with all of the activities planned and food made by the centre staff. Nic who lead our den building workshop was so enthusiastic and all round brilliant! Would definitely recommend any school to partake in a residential their, we had a great time and will be returning as we do every year. (April 2018 - Primary)

(April 2018 - Primary)

Excellent for year 2 children (March 2018 - Primary)

(March 2018 - Primary)

Very homely centre - lovely food with lots of choice. (February 2018 - Primary)

Children had a fab time, all the staff at the centre were very helpful and organised. The food was high quality and the chef was very freindly (January 2018 - Primary)


No further information has been added by this provider.