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Chateau de la Baudonniere


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Very Good




(February 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9364 )

(November 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7694 )

(October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6901 )

A very well organised, immersive experience. The staff know what they are doing and engage pupils in the activities very well. Excellent choice of excursions. (October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 6844 )

aff were amazing - the layout and the activities were great - the food fantastic - the centre generally catered for younger pupils but they adapted and were generally accomodating to our older pupils - including being flexible when we wanted to change certain evening activities. It would have been good to have a free time area just for our group rather than themhaving to go back to dorms at 9.30, Kate barrell (October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 6540 )

A super trip with excellent language outcomes for pupils. Total immersion experience, with French used throughout visit, combined with some great outdoor adventure style activities. Pupils had great time, learned a lot and experienced French cuisine and culture. Staff were all professional and helpful- a really well organised trip. (July 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 5714 )

Another wonderful visit to Normandy. The Chateau company were very helpful and the itinerary for the week worked well. Having the Villa to ourselves was integral to the success of the trip. The only downside was getting delayed at Folkestone for the Eurotunnel, but nothing you can do about that. (July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 5619 )

Great centre, not only for improving love of French language, but also for team building. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4586 )

Great trip. Great sporting activities. Great team building activities. Staff only speak in French; which is very beneficial for the students. Students really enjoyed themselves. This is in my mind the best trip that NBH offers to children at this school. It brings them together in so many ways, all children on this trip have a chance to shine! (June 2018 - Post No: 4189 )

The staff (instructors) on site were great and very helpful. The activities were very well organised, very safe and they were ran strictly in French. The instructors conveyed instructions and information about the programme of the week in the target language and the girls were able to understand them. The instructors also encouraged the use of French by the pupils during activities and meal times. Therefore the girls developed their confidence when using French and also enriched their vocabulary. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 3853 )

(March 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 1856 )


No further information has been added by this provider.