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Butser Ancient Farm


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Very Good




This is an excellent visit that brings the topic to life and reinforces what the children learn in the classroom. (November 2020 - Primary)

Adapted activities very well to comply with Covid requirements yet still give the children the best visit possible (November 2020 - Primary)

(October 2020 - Primary)

Thoroughly enjoyable and informative sessions. Friendly staff with good behaviour management skills. Having lunch round the fire in the round house was a particular highlight for all involved. (October 2020 - Primary)

(April 2020 - Primary)

(March 2020 - Primary)

(March 2020 - Primary)

Children enjoyed Archaeology the most. (March 2020 - Primary)

We all had a great day. The purpose of the trip was met and the staff were excellent. Children's prior knowledge was consolidated and they also learnt more about history. (February 2020 - Primary)

Great site, with lots of buildings to interest the children. Would be good to have more time to compare the different houses. Would also do earlier in the term to give more opportunity for work based on the visit. (February 2020 - Primary)

(January 2020 - Primary)

Always a great day, engaging and informative for the children. (January 2020 - Primary)

The day of the trip went well and the instructors coped well with changes due to traffic conditions. Good behaviour management by the instructors but some interactions between Butser staff and our children were strained. Activities were good but sometimes felt overcrowded due to 6 schools being on site at the same time. (December 2019 - Primary)

Great place to visit - about an hour and a half away from school. Immersion in Anglo-Saxon life Y4 (and opportunities for Y3 Stone, Bronze and Iron Age) crucial as it brought the learning to life. Children have much more real experience of history because of this trip. Well organised and led by Butser staff, great choice of activities which filled the whole day. Excellent all round. (December 2019 - Primary)

Great trip! (November 2019 - Primary)

(November 2019 - Primary)

Very well organised, timings were perfect, communication before the trip was good, staff very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable (October 2019 - Primary)

(October 2019 - Primary)

This was a fantastic Venue. The guides were friendly and knowledgable and all of the activities were planned very well. The timetable ran smoothly and the children were not bored at any point. I would thoroughly recommend this site. (July 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Primary)

Need to have a tour of whole site (May 2019 - Primary)

Not sure if they over charged us- checking (May 2019 - Primary)

An interesting and informative visit, but there was quite a lot of sitting around in the cold, listening to the group leaders in between taking part in activities. (April 2019 - Primary)

(March 2019 - Primary)

The children had a fabulous time and learned lots of new facts! (March 2019 - Primary)

(March 2019 - Primary)

Alison and Sally looked after our group for the day. They were very knowledgeable about the Anglo-Saxons and carried out the activities with the two classes. Although it was a wet day we were still able to do activities and use the buildings. The children did jewelry making (instead of wattling due to the weather) they could make either a ring or bracelet. Chalk carving where the children used a piece of flint to carve an animal into the stone and then use charcoal to add effect. They also had a go at sewing a rune and finally they handled artifacts that were from the Anglo-Saxon period and went on a walk to the Roman Villa. Again this last activity was instead of digging in the pits as the weather was too bad. (February 2019 - Primary)

The children really enjoyed the immersive environment at Butser Farm (February 2019 - Primary)

(January 2019 - Primary)

(January 2019 - Primary)

(January 2019 - Primary)

(December 2018 - Primary)

Fantastic opportunity for pupils to 'experience' life in ancient Britain. Excellent activities and friendly staff - just a shame about the foul weather! (December 2018 - Primary)

(December 2018 - Primary)

Excellent hands on trip! (November 2018 - Primary)

(October 2018 - Primary)

Butser Ancient Farm is very welcoming and well organised, from the moment of our arrival to our departure, Lorraine our guide was very supportive. Lorraine shared her knowledge, demonstrated new skills and answered questions at an appropriate level. Through our Class Blog and recount writing the children have applied their new knowledge and shared their learning. (October 2018 - Primary)

The children unanimously enjoyed their day there and the activities provided. Each year when we visit the site has be developed further and there is more to experience. (October 2018 - Primary)

Very knowledgeable staff able to extend the children's learning. Adults need to be a bit more child friendly. (October 2018 - Primary)

(September 2018 - Primary)

Resources well organised, enough for all. Timing overall very good. With multiple schools there, there aren't enough toilets. (September 2018 - Primary)

Staff were informative and friendly. Made the activities accessible and fun for the children. (July 2018 - Primary)

Excellent staff, friendly and relaxed. Pupils had a good time and we learnt a lot that I can use again in lessons. (July 2018 - Secondary)

Good trip - knowledgeable guides and well organised. (June 2018 - Primary)

(June 2018 - Primary)

(June 2018 - Primary)

Great experience, hands on. Leaders are very knowledgeable. (May 2018 - Primary)

Staff were very knowledgeable and the trip was well organised. (May 2018 - Primary)

(April 2018 - Secondary)

Staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. (April 2018 - Primary)

(March 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Primary)

(January 2018 - Primary)

A really good visit with all children enjoying a really immersive experience at Butser Farm. (December 2017 - Primary)

A really good visit with all children enjoying a really immersive experience at Butser Farm. (December 2017 - Primary)


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