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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - the Making of Harry Potter


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Very Good




(June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13743 )

(June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13609 )

Amazing experience ran very well by staff. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13608 )

(June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13540 )

(June 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 13419 )

The writing workshop was excellent: it was led well, immersive, interactive, fun (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13361 )

All staff more than accommodating for all children (even offered a sensory room for children who struggled throughout the day. Lesson was delivered well and was in line with with National Curriculum. Couldn't fault any of it. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13355 )

Excellent trip for our group of students and cannot fault the exhibition itself. The only concern was the logistics as we arrived - we were not on the list of expected visitors and so I had to go to the ticket window to organise the tickets rather than having everything ready for our arrival. (June 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 13304 )

(June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13186 )

Children had an absolutely fantastic time and it inspired students to pick up books beyond those we have shared in class. we had a magical moment for one student, who played Harry Potter as a baby (in the films) - he was able to find his wand case. He had never been there before (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13167 )

Fantastic outing for a school trip with lots for the students to do and see. The only issue was one of logistics - they didn't have our booking at the gate so getting the tickets was slightly more difficult than it should have been. This was very quickly rectified, however. (June 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 13065 )

(June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12861 )

Fantastic experience for 66 x Year 5 students. Excellent service from the Education team and very pleased with the day. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12684 )

Great trip :) (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12597 )

Excellent visit - the students loved it and we were treated to lots of freebies. Great service! (May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 12351 )

(May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12245 )

(May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12244 )

An excellent school visit; inspirational, educational and fun. (May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 12195 )

(May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11923 )

Great experience, met by the tour operator. We were guided through security and the bagging process. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable especially the older gentleman in the lunch hall area. (May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11883 )

(May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11827 )

(May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11775 )

(May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11709 )

(May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11656 )

Extremely helpful staff and the lesson provided by their education dept. was great. Fabulous tour! (April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11535 )

(April 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11367 )

(April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11366 )

Great attraction for any Harry Potter fan and successful school trip (April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11124 )

(April 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11055 )

This was a great day out - the staff at the venue were incredibly helpful, professional and friendly. The organisation of the visit was good - we arrived ahead of time and were able to get into the Studios earlier than booked. The venue operates a one way system and as such the students were safe and content to look around the exhibits with a degree of independence. (April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11044 )

(April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11019 )

Rewarding day. Students enjoyed learning about the behind the scenes process involved in the making of the films. (March 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 10605 )

(March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10369 )

Fantastic experience, really great. Children were all in awe. So so much to see and a little overwhelming at times! Schools team were really brilliant and made it a very smooth experience. The broomstick experience was also very slick an professional meaning we were not waiting around for very long. Only slight concern is no indoor area for packed lunches, luckily it didn't rain but was very chilly to be eating outside. (March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10160 )

Arrival was not smooth - holding area for school groups would be useful. Lunch area is not suitable for large groups. Staff were not prepared for large group going through green screen. Children loved the visit (March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10095 )

What a wonderful experience, thoroughly enjoyed by children and the staff. The children were so engaged and loved talking about what they saw and relating it to the films. Very easy to get around, would have like to have done the virtual broomsticks but there was a big queue. Overall, was a great experience for all. (February 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9720 )

Well organised and interesting. (February 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 9351 )

(February 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 9268 )

(February 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 9232 )

The venue was great, arranging the visit was simple and straight forward and the lesson delivery was excellent. The students learnt a lot for their media courses. Only a very tiny negative and that was the poor attitude of some of the staff on the green screen area. Also as part of our tickets students were given a free photo however when they asked about it staff said they were unaware of this which meant none of them took up the offer which was disappointing. (February 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 9226 )

(January 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9160 )

(January 2019 - Primary - Post No: 8996 )

(December 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 8585 )

Always a fantastic trip with our pupils. The staff at the venue are very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. (December 2018 - Primary - Post No: 8386 )

A worthwhile and absorbing trip that even after my 6th visit holds a significant fascination (even though I'm not a HP fan). For smaller children I would suggest including some form of activities as a lot of the experience is visual. My learners were offered a free download picture for the 'Broomstick' ride. WB have expanded and added to the experience and so therefore was different from my last visit. (December 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 8343 )

Excellent trip, beautiful resources, very expensive shop! (November 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7885 )

Fantastic experience for all! (November 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7386 )

Venue itself was outstanding - students took a full 3-4 hours to go through the exhibit and understanding how 3D design can be applied to real world / movie situations. Talk itself was good but aimed at KS4 and below and less to KS5 students. Talk was presented in a very friendly and enthusiastic manner and when questions students said they enjoyed the talk and would have liked it to go on for longer. Card making activity was cut a little short due to timing. (November 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7357 )

Amazing trip to HP world. Timings worked well on this trip; the studio was easy to get to. Staff were extremely helpful and getting in and out of the venue was quick and easy. Although we had a later slot these was no need to spend longer on the tour. We did not book a lunch room and this worked well as each group could eat lunch at any suitable time. This was a fun relaxed trip that the boys loved. (October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7027 )

Well organised. Children found trip very informative. (October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7009 )

(October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 6881 )

(September 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6214 )

(September 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 6000 )

(July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 5664 )


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