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Very Good




(October 2020 - Primary)

Well worth a visit, particularly in Careers week. (March 2020 - Secondary)

Well managed and organised. We took Year 2 children, possibly a bit young to attend. (February 2020 - Primary)

Very enjoyable day. Students all engaged and found it helpful / useful / positive (February 2020 - Secondary)

A fantastic opportunity for children t be engrossed in the different career related activities and think about the skills required in order to do a job. (February 2020 - Primary)

(January 2020 - Secondary)

(January 2020 - Primary)

(December 2019 - Secondary)

Pupils experiences were great. Some activities the pupils have to queue for long periods and they take part in them for a long time. You will need to take this into account when planning how long you are going to be there for. Getting to talk with the staff at Kidzania is quite difficult as there standard response is to email so a pre-booked pre-visit is essential. (December 2019 - Primary)

-Detailed activities -Cross curricular -Built on previous knowledge children learnt during topic lessons -Engaged -Lots of problem solving -Mini plenaries throughout -Character building -Independent learning and freedom (November 2019 - Primary)

(November 2019 - Primary)

Great place to take children on a school trip. They have the opportunity to develop their independence as well as using their initiative. The children loved doing all the different jobs and earning money. (November 2019 - Primary)

I think this venue is suited better to the younger range of children and can be chaotic with large groups. (October 2019 - Secondary)

(October 2019 - Primary)

(September 2019 - Primary)

It was far too busy. The children had to queue for ages to do any of the activities. We paid for a photo package which they forgot about until right at the end so they had to rush to take the photos. We have been a few times before and loved it but don't think we will be going again. (June 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Primary)

(April 2019 - Primary)

A busy venue, prepare to queue (March 2019 - Primary)

We enjoyed ourselves very much - successful visit will definitely come again (March 2019 - Primary)

Really well organised area. Safe and well-resourced. (February 2019 - Primary)

Long waiting times and some activities not available meant children didn't get through many activities. Suggest trying to give at least 4 hours inside Kidzania once through 'check-in' (this also took about 20 minutes). (February 2019 - Primary)

(February 2019)

(February 2019 - Primary)

it gave our pupils an insight into an adult world of working and aspiration the environment was clean safe and exciting (January 2019 - Primary)

(January 2019 - Primary)

(January 2019 - Primary)

Young people where delighted with the trip. Exceeded expectations. (January 2019 - Primary)

As with previous visits, the opportunities for children to aspire and take responsibility for their own experience was great. There were also a number of new experiences available which were an improvement on what they had replaced. The only slight criticism was not having the mezzanine and grown ups space available for the first hour of our 10:00 slot. However, this did not have any impact on the children's experience so I cannot reduce the overall rating. (January 2019 - Primary)

Really well thought out and a great location for a school trip (December 2018 - Secondary)

(December 2018 - Primary)

(November 2018 - Primary)

(October 2018 - Secondary)

waited a very long to get in despite having a booking slot - nearly an hour wait outside! (October 2018 - Secondary)

(October 2018 - Secondary)

(July 2018 - Secondary)

Great experience but too crowded (July 2018 - Primary)

Very good opportunities for the children to develop confidence and gain valuable skills for life. (July 2018 - Primary)

(March 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Primary)

Difficult for coaches to drop off and a long wait at the lift. Not very well sigh posted on approach roads. Less able children found it difficult to navigate and EAL children did not understand instruction given over loud speakers. More able children took full advantage of their choice of jobs, however the queues at some were too long and they were turned away. (January 2018 - Primary)

The children loved this trip because of the real life work opportunities they were allowed to experience. The venue was fantastic and the children's independence was encouraged in a safe way. (December 2017 - Primary)

Very good venue once there. Upon leaving - avoid the gift shop for students to spend their Kidzos - get students to spend them within the 'city' itself. (December 2017 - Secondary)


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