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Woodrow High House


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Very Good




Excellent outdoor activity centre - leaders were really supportive, environment was clean and tidy and food was healthy. Activities are not 'wow' activities but our pupils really enjoyed all of them and they really improved their skills. (May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12097 )

Well organised activities at a suitable challenge level for the age of children. Facilities were clean, and food was excellent. (March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10504 )

Excellent instructors Comfortable facilities (March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10500 )

A really good residential trip. The activities were really well organised and appropriate. The staff were excellent with the pupils and were very aware of Growth Mindset and team building skills. The catering staff were amazing and could not have been more helpful, especially with food allergies and particularly accommodating with an autistic fussy eater. The food was also to a great standard and plenty of it! The use of the cellar room for our disco night and tuck shop worked really well and again the staff could not do enough to help us. This was a very successful visit and I look forward to going again next year! (March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10219 )

The children were kept safe and enjoyed all of the activities that were offered to them. They were highly motivated and encouraged to take part each day. (January 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9121 )

(January 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9103 )

The staff are amazing and nothing is too much trouble. We did have a slight problem with the plumbing and showers - but that is due to the fact that the accommodation is in an old house, also the wifi and phone signal is very patchy! (January 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9074 )

(October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6952 )

(October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6557 )

It was a wonderful day full of activities which were challenging, engaging and very enjoyable for all. (July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4921 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 3920 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 3865 )


No further information has been added by this provider.