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Kingswood Grosvenor Hall


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Very Good




(March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10353 )

(February 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9836 )

(February 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9724 )

(January 2019 - Primary - Post No: 9118 )

Very appropriate to the trip and well resourced. (January 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 8820 )

(November 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7533 )

The activities, accommodation and meals were well organised by staff at Grosvenor Hall. Activity staff worked well with the children to motivate them and keep them safe; learning key children's names and identifying children with additional needs. The accommodation was clean and secure and there was a good selection of foods at meal times. (November 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7437 )

(October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7096 )

(October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6903 )

Really impressed with the challenge and support given to the school as a whole. (September 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 6486 )

Great fun day out enjoyed by all the children. One problem, not all children had time to complete one activity, but centre arranged for them to complete the activity during the lunch break. Food only average. (September 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6228 )

Enjoyable week- children really enjoyed it and pushed their skills limit and gained confidence from all they participated in (September 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6068 )

(August 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 5838 )

(July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 5025 )

Food wasn't good, accommodation was poor. (June 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 4845 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4705 )

Accommodation and the quality of food really let the place down. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4666 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4663 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4645 )

Really pleased with our trip. All of the staff were helpful and cheerful - making the children feel settled and secure as well as confident to have a go. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4532 )

Our annual residential was excellent- good to see updates continuously being made onsite with regards to accommodation and activities. There was an issue with accommodation where our assigned accommodation was allocated to another school which meant quite a long wait trying to sort out new rooms- although it was eventually resolved. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4452 )

Our experience was not as positive as previous years. Feedback was given to Kingswood to address for next year. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4373 )

Our experience this year was not as positive as previous years. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4372 )

We will not be using Kingswood again due to many issues beyond our control which they say were caused by computer error. This included accommodation - we were forced to sleep in an adventure lodge for the first night (which was a large tent) rather than our rooms, this was not appropriate because the teacher tent was too far away and the boys had to share toilets and showers with other schools. We also lost out on activities because their computer had adjusted our itinerary to be 5 days (Tuesday til Saturday) whereas we had booked til Friday only. There were very few toilets on site and no specific adult only toilets (except in the teacher bedrooms); there were no drinking fountains on site and only one water station for filling up bottles. The food was poor. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4349 )

(June 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 4113 )

The site was not felt to be clean and it did not meet our needs with poor management and disorganisation. Examples include broken beds and broken class on mattresses found on arrival. As well as not being able to access toilets within our own secure area until after dark. Activities were fine but felt rushed and did not meet the children's needs as well as we would have hoped. Very low staff moral amongst the site staff was evident. We will not be returning! (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4022 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 3894 )

Excellent venue, well organised and trained staff, who adapt activities to suit our students needs. (May 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 3273 )

(May 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 3005 )

Team building activities were effective (April 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 2842 )

(April 2018 - Primary - Post No: 2555 )

Poor food, poor organisation and staffing. Terrible food. will not be using again (February 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 1410 )

Although there was a bit of waiting around on the first day. (January 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 870 )


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