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Horrendous service throughout the trip. Clearly wasn't organised until the last minute. Lessons were a shambles. Would not recommend Ski Team 4 to any other educational facility. (December 2020 - Secondary)

Went really well - issues with the rep, apart from this the kids had an amazing time and experience. (March 2020 - Secondary)

When booking with Skiteam4 we were promised a Eurotunnel crossing both ways. 2 weeks before departure we were notified of ferry crossing. After complaining got a Eurotunnel on way out. The itinerary of evening entertainment changed and we were not informed other than the rep in resort telling us. This caused several inconveniences. The coach broke down on day 3. The replacement ski buses were good, but again caused several inconveniences. The replacement coach was not 'luxury' in any way. DVD player didn't work, seats crammed in with limited leg room, with then a 11hour wait at the port of Calais made for a very uncomfortable journey home. To top it all off, absolutely ZERO correspondence or courtesy call from Skiteam4 for our entire visit. Will not be booking again with them, a real shame as the 4 previous visits have been good. (March 2020 - Secondary)

The company is very accommodating and work with our needs whenever we have an issue, such as changing from 44 students to 82. the Hotel had some minor issues that we were unaware of, but these did not stop us having a good trip. we would not recommend using this hotel again. We have sent a letter to skiteam4 highlighting some of our concerns regarding the hotel. (February 2020 - Secondary)

The head office in Britain was excellent, they listened to our requests and did there very best to fulfil them. Journey arrangements were excellent, Ski rep in resort : came to meet us on a daily basis, early morning during breakfast and again at dinnertime. She was present on the mountain normally siting in the restaurant at the top during the lunch break. However, she was ill for the whole week, suffering different illnesses, which meant she lost her voice, was prone to coughing continually, and sneezing. That may have been the reason for non contact with the group during the day, or it could have been she was away snow boarding for herself. As we had no incidents requiring her attention it didn't matter. She was around at the end of skiing helping get the students back to the hotel. Ski instructors : employed from Slovenia, English ok but not fluent, ski ability good but teaching ability less so, Hashtag , 'No paperwork' Evening entertainments package : Less good, partially because students had difficulties in always doing as instructed, by having to travel for up to 80 minutes coach ride in each direction to get to venues. (February 2020 - Secondary)

Fantastic (February 2020 - Secondary)

(January 2020 - Secondary)

Pre-visit organisation- 9/10 had to chase some things. Travel arrangements- 6/10 coach was excellent communication was not. Education programme- 10/10 all pupils learnt to ski. Quaility of instruction - 10/10 Equipment- 8/10 As good as can be expected. Environment- 10/10 Accommodation- 10/10 Food- 10/10 Fantastic Evening Activities- 7/10 Rep didn't communicate all. Courier/representative- 1/10 Trip organizers were made aware of issues. (April 2019 - Secondary)

(March 2019 - Secondary)

Generally really good. The rep we were assigned caused issue with the drivers that we had on the first day which put a downer on the first day. After that she was very good. Having ski instructors that aren't from the area has a negative effect on the students as they are not fully aware of which blue runs for example, are easier ones for beginners and which blue runs are harder. (February 2019 - Secondary)

(February 2019 - Secondary)

The trip ran extremely smoothly from the intial paperwork / organisation of the trip to the travel, ski / snowboard lessons and the hotel. SkiTeam4 were extremeley efficient and helpful and the rep when out in Austria couldn't do enough for us. (January 2019 - Secondary)

Lack of support throughout journey (October 2018 - Secondary)

(June 2018)

(April 2018 - Secondary)

(April 2018 - Secondary)


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