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Wroxeter Roman City


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The tour guide was excellent and did her best even in diverse weather at times. It was a shame we couldn't visit any of the indoor venues there due to the Covid restrictions. (November 2020 - Primary)

(May 2020 - Primary)

(January 2020 - Primary)

(November 2019 - Primary)

(November 2019 - Primary)

(November 2019 - Primary)

The staff at the centre were very friendly and helpful, as well as informative. The led talk was great and the children really enjoyed it. The other self led box sessions were also good and all the resources needed were there. Lots of linking of previous teaching took place and children understood a wide range of Roman facts - from money, slaves and types of buildings. A very successful trip. (November 2019 - Primary)

Successful trip with all children enjoying the experience. (October 2019 - Primary)

Excellent day (October 2019 - Primary)

(July 2019 - Primary)

(July 2019 - Primary)

Interesting place and the children gained a lot from it. The timings for the day don't work as efficiently as we had hoped. the self-led activities were long for the class doing them in the morning session as the activities are soon completed. The led part of day is good fun for the children but timings went a bit out on this occasion and would need reviewing for a future visit. (June 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Primary)

No incidents (May 2019 - Primary)

Children (year 4) thoroughly enjoyed it. (April 2019 - Primary)

The children enjoyed the experience and the staff there were very informative. (April 2019 - Primary)

(November 2018 - Primary)

Excellent guide Good rapport with pupils Well thought out activities Children wanted to return. (November 2018 - Primary)

(October 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Primary)


No further information has been added by this provider.