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PGL Liddington


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(October 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16884 )

Good standard of accommodation, lovely food, good trip leaders, mostly a good standard of instruction in the activities. (October 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16855 )

(October 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16560 )

(October 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16488 )

(October 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16460 )

(October 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16364 )

A very well organised and friendly team. The children were well cared for and encouraged to have a go at all the activities. (October 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16345 )

This was a 'typical' PGL visit: on the whole very professional and well organised. We choose PGL because we know we can rely on a good residential experience. Unfortunately this year there were some activity leaders who were not up to the usual PGL standard and there were some safety concerns raised with the centre due to one leader allowing children to sit on the fence where their peers were shooting their archery arrows. This was addressed immediately but only after a member of school staff stepped in. There were other concerns raised with the conduct of some of the activity leaders which were again addressed quickly. However, on the whole, the activity leads were strong and allowed the children to be successful. (September 2019 - Primary - Post No: 16056 )

(September 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 15954 )

(July 2019 - Primary - Post No: 14954 )

PGL Trip was successful. (July 2019 - Primary - Post No: 14869 )

(July 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 14855 )

(July 2019 - Primary - Post No: 14797 )

(July 2019 - Primary - Post No: 14676 )

(July 2019 - Primary - Post No: 14631 )

(July 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 14445 )

A great, scenic site with lots of space and excellent activities. Instructors were all very friendly, encouraging, supportive and inclusive. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 14058 )

Lovely grounds and accommodation was very good. Actual activities were good in general but our allocation could have been more varied. They were too similar. Evening activities were not well run or organised. Catering was not as good as it should be. We were kept waiting 1.5 hours for food on the first night and then there was limited food available as we were so late. No desserts etc. PGL activity leaders were mixed, enthusiastic overall. Group leaders were not great. They did not really take the lead and left a lot of it down to us. They did not seem experienced and were not pro-active or have much presence. Most Downsend adults were proactive which was really helpful. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13933 )

The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience. Activities were well led and enjoyable, although at times lack of organisation on the part of PGL meant that activities had to be cut short. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13532 )

Typically well run, with problems being resolved with efficiency. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13493 )

+ Good, secure site + Good quality accommodation + Good variety of food + Instructors generally friendly and informative + The better instructors really engaged with each person in the group (e.g. "I like your watch") - Too much negative football banter (i.e. football chants, deriding other teams) - Different instructor for every activity, so no opportunity to build rapport - Activities were quite short (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13391 )

The facilities are excellent and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There are issues with capacity now though and it does feel as though there are too many people on site therefore meals often run late and more than one group are completing an activity at the same time which does not always feel safe. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 13131 )

Perfect venue for primary school residential (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12977 )

Liddington has felt increasingly busy over the years and although well organised it is a rush to get around everything. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12636 )

Liddington has felt increasingly busy over the years and although well organised it is a rush to get around everything. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12635 )

Liddington has felt increasingly busy over the years and although well organised it is a rush to get around everything. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12634 )

Liddington has felt increasingly busy over the years and although well organised it is a rush to get around everything. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12633 )

Liddington has felt increasingly busy over the years and although well organised it is a rush to get around everything. (June 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12632 )

(May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 12430 )

(May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 12307 )

(May 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11958 )

Excellent, facilities are purpose built and kept to a good standard, staff are well trained and approachable. Everyone had a brilliant time and some great results in the netball (May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11814 )

(May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11542 )

(April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11476 )

(April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11355 )

(April 2019 - Primary - Post No: 11280 )

(March 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 10669 )

The facilities were great and the students had lots of hours to revise and work on their maths work. The addition of an activity really helped to break it up and add that fun/team building element to the trip. (March 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 10613 )

The centre provided an excellent experience for the pupils and met their individual needs. (March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10568 )

(March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10022 )

(March 2019 - Primary - Post No: 10016 )

(January 2019 - Primary - Post No: 8960 )

(November 2018 - Post No: 8117 )

Excellent residential trip for the children. They learned many skills and made many memories. (November 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7969 )

We had some problems with PGL as our 10 year old children were allocated rooms directly next to two groups of teenagers. We had trouble with noise, music and language every night twice it went on past 10.30pm. We reported this to the PGL staff on duty and they did come up to ask them to be quiet. Despite all the problems, no staff member seemed to be able to understand how inappropriate it was to have these groups so close to each other. We had to move three of our children who struggled to cope with the noise. Really disappointed with the lack of concern shown by PGL even though it was referred up to the duty manager on one night when it was really bad. (November 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7681 )

We had a problem with the centre because they had put our 10 year old children next to 17/18 year teenagers. This caused us problems every night. We had to move three of our children into an empty teacher room as the noise, music and language was unacceptable. Whilst PGL staff on duty did try to help at the time, no-one seemed to understand how inappropriate it was to have these two groups of children in such close proximity. The teenagers constantly moved the group names we had put on the rooms and a group of our girls were convinced someone had been into their room, although we couldn't prove it. (November 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7680 )

(October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7088 )

Fantastic site, supportive staff, great range of activities (October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7081 )

(October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7052 )

Super site, excellent facilities. (October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 7047 )

(October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7045 )

(October 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 7044 )

all our pupils had a grat exprience at PGL Liddington (October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6867 )

(October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6751 )

Activities were well supervised and engaging. Children were all given appropriate safety talks before all activities. Staff knowledgeable. Activities appeared to be well taken care of and safety harnesses/hats seemed to be in good condition. Some small issues with the maintenance of the accommodation we were in, but nothing which put the children in danger and staff were keen to fix issues as they arose. (October 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6585 )

Really nice centre with well organised staff and top of the range outdoor facilities. (September 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 6427 )

(July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 5697 )

Several children returned from the trip covered in bites which doctors say are probably bed bug bites. (July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 5660 )

(July 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 5101 )

Children who have been quiet all year have come out of their shells and are speaking up for themselves. All children tried all activities and were often braver than they thought. (July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 5094 )

Evening entertainment felt a little unorganised - need to choose which activities carefully next time. Campfire - not very good. One of the PGL staff looking after our group was not very enthusiastic or engaging with the children (which was a real shame). Daytime activities were fantastic. Staff working on these were incredibly encouraging. Food ok - children quite happy with it. (July 2018 - Primary - Post No: 5080 )

(June 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 4793 )

Excellent trip. Next yr- book Monday afternoon activity. Excellent team. Request Ridgeway accommodation again. Request additional adult rooms as it was helpful this yr. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4697 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4677 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4649 )

A great centre, challenging activities and super accommodation (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4561 )

Great venue- engaging activities- great group leader. 4 out of 5 as some first aid kits were severely lacking and some instructors were less enthusiastic than others. All round great trip. (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4471 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4362 )

The site is expansive and the children had access to a great range of activities. They were led by great staff members and the accommodation was fit to purpose. An excellent choice and somewhere we would go again! (June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4279 )

(June 2018 - Primary - Post No: 4080 )

(May 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 3494 )

Excellent organisation, communication and instruction. (May 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 3475 )

Excellent venue for residential with large group. Accomodation really good and safe (May 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 3423 )

(May 2018 - Primary - Post No: 3344 )

Good selection of activities and very accommodating staff who were extremely helpful and courteous throughout our stay. (April 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 2610 )

PGL Liddington is a good outdoor education centre with many facilities, however there were some fundamental issues. Accommodation: this was inadequate with very small rooms with bunks housing six at a time and only one toilet and shower. Food was so bad that both myself, many of the staff in attendance and some of the students did not eat at all and ate only snacks that were available from others. In addition, PGL also prioritised other users before our cohort, this led to problems with times for workshops etc... overall the young people enjoyed being with other youth groups, however many expressed concerns that the experience was one not to be repeated due to the centres facilities and poor food, (April 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 2356 )

(April 2018 - Primary - Post No: 2322 )

(April 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 2303 )

(April 2018 - Primary - Post No: 2268 )

Students had a great time and have a bank of experiences which will help them in future units for their sport qualification. (April 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 2252 )

Activities were mainly well led and resourced, children had safety explained to them throughout the week. One evening activity felt less secure, as the children were allowed to roam in the dark, with unclear perimeters, parameters and easy sight of staff. (March 2018 - Primary - Post No: 2079 )

(February 2018 - Primary - Post No: 1214 )

(December 2017 - Primary - Post No: 341 )


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