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Essex Outdoors Mersea


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Very Good




(January 2021 - Primary)

(January 2021 - Primary)

Brilliant Facilities and nice location (March 2020 - Secondary)

(October 2019 - Primary)

Staff very helpful, accommodating, great with children. (September 2019 - Primary)

The training was adapted to meet the age of the children and all their questions and suggestions were answered and encouraged. The group enjoyed the adventure course as well. One of the most enjoyable parts of the day was when James lead a little beach exploration walk at lunch time, the young people engaged really well with this. (August 2019 - Primary)

(July 2019 - Secondary)

Excellent trip (July 2019 - Primary)

excellent facilities, activities and instructors (July 2019 - Secondary)

(July 2019 - Primary)

(July 2019 - Primary)

(July 2019 - Primary)

Excellent facilities and great team of activity leaders. (June 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Primary)

(May 2019 - Secondary)

Very accommodating. (May 2019 - Primary)

The staff were very professional and the children learnt a lot. (March 2019 - Primary)

(November 2018 - Secondary)

(October 2018 - Primary)

An excellent range of activities on offer. All staff really helpful and supportive with the children. Have been going for quite a few years and this continues to be worth the money. (October 2018 - Primary)

after several return visits the venue keeps evolving and new activities were an improvement (October 2018 - Primary)

An excellent week resulting in the children supporting each other to achieve their full potentials which promoted the team building withing the year group. Everything from the quality instructors, the fun activities and the food to the friendly supportive staff was excellent. (September 2018 - Primary)

Amazing facilities and the staff were great. Staff relationships with the children were enabling and warm and supportive. Activities were well resourced, varied and appropriate for the children and gave them opportunities to participate in activities they would not usually have a chance to do. (September 2018 - Primary)

Great facility (September 2018 - Primary)

Competent, friendly and adaptable staff that helped all children succeed. Venue was super! (September 2018 - Primary & Secondary)

(September 2018 - Primary & Secondary)

(July 2018 - Secondary)

Despite our children enjoying their stay at Mersea, we as a staff had a number of reservations about our stay. 1. Lack of shower and toilet facilities - Adult staff (including Mersea instructors) had to share only two showers and the location of the toilet block was not ideal, particularly when children needed the toilet in the middle of the night. 2. Poor security - On entering the site, there is no security barrier. Also cabins would benefit from a simple twist lock (on the inside) rather than a key (particularly as only one key was available) because children struggled to lock and unlock their cabin door. Due to this, children had to leave their cabins unlocked all night. 3. Secondary school children - We were informed that it was the first time that secondary and primary school visitors had been mixed in the week we were staying. Unfortunately, a number of secondary school children were using foul language outside of our cabins late at night and were unsupervised by their visit leaders. A number of the children from the same school were also physical towards our children in the toilets and we therefore informed Mersea staff about both of these incidents. (July 2018 - Primary)

(June 2018 - Primary)

Children enjoyed the activities and staff were welcoming, friendly and helpful during activities and at other times. (June 2018 - Primary)

Exceptional - EO M staff were supportive and encouraging of students. (June 2018 - Secondary)

(June 2018 - Primary)

Very helpful and well trained staff. Lots of encouragement for pupils who lacked confidence. Very successful trip. (June 2018 - Primary)

The children had a lovely time on the climbing wall and on the obstacle course. They had to transport a bucket of water over the obstacles using team work, communication and cooperation. Staff were excellent. (June 2018 - Primary)

A relaxed, but safe environment for children. An excellent range of activities available for the children to take part in. Lovely see-front place to camp. (June 2018 - Primary)

(March 2018 - Primary)

Love it (March 2018 - Secondary)


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