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Very helpful; offer good prices. Just disappointed this year that we had to change our activities last-minute - needing to change wasn't their fault but I could have done with a bit more warning to be able to explore alternative options properly. However, suitable alternatives were provided and there was no quibble about Rondo picking up the bill for any extra costs incurred as a result. (July 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 14588 )

Very helpful, always contactable and ready to help. (July 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 14562 )

Whilst the trip ran smoothly. The organisation and communication from Rondo was poor this time around and added considerable stress to the planning of the trip. (June 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 13903 )

(June 2019 - Post No: 13310 )

Bus driver was not accommodating at all. Obstructive at times and not particularly pleasant. The first accommodation arranged was secure and appropriate for a student group. However, the second accommodation was completely inappropriate. Students were on a variety of different floors, where there weren't enough staff to actually allocate a staff member to each floor that a student was on. Toilet and wash facilities were shared so students had to share with members of the general public. They failed completely on safeguarding measures. (May 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 12478 )

Good trip overall, timings worked quite well. Change to the creperie was lovely and delicious, and a lot less stressful as we didn't need to be at another place again at a certain time. Phone number on the program for the goat cheese farm was the one of the cidrerie. (April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 11086 )

Well organised. One of the accommodations used was not fully suitable for school trips. (April 2019 - Secondary - Post No: 10904 )

(December 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 8472 )

(September 2018 - Primary - Post No: 6465 )

Our liaison Nathan, was great. Happy to help at all times. Very happy. (September 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 6154 )

(June 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 4749 )

Very helpful and flexible - worked with us to accommodate all our needs (June 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 4589 )

As always, it is very easy working with Rondo and Nathan. (June 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 4495 )

(April 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 2739 )

(March 2018 - Primary - Post No: 1869 )

(February 2018 - Secondary - Post No: 1028 )


No further information has been added by this provider.