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Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds


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Very Good




A great resource. (September 2020 - Secondary)

Superb workshops, well-organised and well-informed staff. The children (and staff) had a fantastic day (April 2020 - Primary)

(March 2020 - Secondary)

Very well organised, age appropriate and relevant to the curriculum objectives we are covering. (March 2020 - Primary)

(February 2020 - Secondary)

Excellent day with engaging activities for the children. This included drama role play, physical activity in the form of training to be Greek soldiers and handling weapon/armour artefacts. (January 2020 - Primary)

Visit was really useful and all went smoothly. (January 2020 - Primary)

Amazing workshop, very organised and professional. (January 2020 - Primary)

The team at the Royal Armouries are very welcoming and enthusiastic in delivering their workshops. They were supportive during the planning process and met with us during our previsit to ensure we had everything that we needed. Their workshops were tailored to meet the needs and curriculum of our children and the children enjoyed the immersive elements of joining the Roman army and being told the story of Boudicca. (January 2020 - Primary)

Outstanding sessions tailored to the school. An excellent place to take a school trip. (December 2019 - Secondary)

(December 2019 - Primary)

Absolutely fantastic trip, immersive and fun. The staff were well organised and fab. (December 2019 - Primary)

Excellent , safe environment - workshops for yr6 were spot on- fun, engaging and informative. (December 2019 - Primary)

Excellent drama workshops. Didn't have long to look around the museum. There was enough there to spend an hour there. Very enthusiastic staff. Lunch area provided. (November 2019 - Primary)

Great staff and great exhibits (November 2019 - Primary)

Everyone had a lovely time! (October 2019 - Secondary)

The museum was amazing and staff were brilliant. The workshops were brilliant and all of the children were excited and engaged. (October 2019 - Primary)

(October 2019 - Secondary)

The trip itself was fantastic and the activities/workshops etc planned were linked well with our Inquiry work. (October 2019 - Primary)

Really well organised and engaging day for the students. It allowed for them to have a hands experience of the tactics, formations and armour worn in 1066. It catered for the exam board Edexcel and the questioning enabled students to relate to what they had seen and completed in the classroom. (October 2019 - Secondary)

All activities were well run. Ratios were the perfect amount both walking to the museum and when we were there. We changed the route back as the path was easier to walk on. (October 2019 - Primary)

Fun filled, highly informative free day out, our students loved it (September 2019 - Secondary)

(September 2019 - Secondary)

(July 2019 - Secondary)

It was an extremely fun and well organised day. The children enjoyed the workshops and they were delivered by engaging and confident individuals. (June 2019 - Primary)

(June 2019 - Secondary)

(May 2019 - Secondary)

A very good, engaging trip linked to our topic of Ancient Greece (May 2019)

Staff were superb. Equipment was superb. Experience was superb. (May 2019 - Secondary)

Fantastic venue for anxious students. Self contained, quiet, good layout with lots of space. (May 2019 - Secondary)

It's a great venue for anxious young people. It's out of the way, self-contained, not directly near any busy roads, easy access. Entertaining displays, quiet, lots of space. Cafe area good for a small group to have a break. Free admission. (May 2019 - Secondary)

fab workshops! (April 2019 - Secondary)

Excellent day. Worked out as anticipated. Great staff. Students engaged throughout and all linked well to revision/GCSE History. (March 2019 - Secondary)

(February 2019 - Secondary)

(February 2019 - Primary)

It was already a good day for the students and it is now significantly improved under new management. (February 2019 - Secondary)

(January 2019 - Primary)

(December 2018 - Primary)

Excellent facility and displays. Students really enjoyed their trips! (November 2018 - Primary & Secondary)

Pupils really enjoyed looking and listening to the talks by the Royal Armouries staff (November 2018 - Secondary)

Excellent day out, lots to see and plenty of activities and diplays. (November 2018 - Secondary)

(October 2018 - Primary)

(October 2018 - Primary)

(October 2018)

(July 2018 - Primary)

Roman workshops were excellent. (July 2018 - Primary)

(June 2018 - Primary)

excellent visit once again, the workshop was fantastic and students loved it (April 2018 - Secondary)

(April 2018 - Secondary)

A very rewarding experience (March 2018 - Primary)

(March 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Primary)

(February 2018 - Secondary)

The museum staff were exceptionally friendly and always made themselves available to help. The venue was clean. All staff had fantastic knowledge of their subject area and could all expand upon their basic answers. (February 2018 - Primary)

(January 2018 - Secondary)

(January 2018 - Primary)

Great site, great galleries, great workshops, great staff! (January 2018 - Secondary)

very good interactive facility (December 2017 - Secondary)

(December 2017 - Secondary)

(December 2017 - Secondary)


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